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Thanks for visiting my Jones genealogy website. My name is William (Bill) Robert Jones. My parents aren't the particularly creative type when it comes to naming children. Besides me, the names of all my siblings are very common. Based on 1990 census data, Jones is the #4 last name in the US and William is the #4 first name in the US.

I have been doing my own genealogy for about 10 years now and I can tell you that having a common surname makes genealogy that much more difficult. My ancestors were just as creative as my parents when it came to naming their children (no creativity whatsoever!) so I get lots of Williams and Roberts and Johns and Jameses. Adding to that, My particular Jones line went through both New York and Philadelphia at one time or another. There are a lot of Joneses living in the cities!

Since I started this, I have met a lot of other Jones genealogists (not difficult to imagine). Many of them were beginners and I was happy to help out a little. The content of this site comes from my help to other random people who share my common last name. I created a section for each family, but made one big index to the whole website, so you can use the Full Name Index to see if any of your relatives are here.

Generally I do not have time to answer questions about these families. this is just a hodgepodge of data thrown together at various times. Because I do not have first-hand knowledge of most of the facts here, please do not just throw this data into your GEDCOM. Check to make sure these are your family, and help the later generations by documenting what information you can. Just for your information, my e-mail address is williamjones1776 at yahoo dot com. Just replace the "at" and "dot" to make a web address.

Jones, Aaron, b. circa 1855, Arkansas

Jones, Abraham E., b. 1856, Audrain County, Missouri

Jones, Abraham, b. 1850, Clinton County, Kentucky

Jones, Abraham, b. after 1813, Bryan County, Georgia

Jones, Adam P., b. after 1853, Saint Charles Parish, Louisiana

Jones, Albert, b. 1813, Pennsylvania

Jones, Alexander, b. 7 Jun 1857, Kentucky

Jones, Alfred Short, b. after 1835, Pittsylvania County, Virginia

Jones, Alfred, b. 1810, Accomack County, Virginia

Jones, Arthur, b. 5 Sep 1825, Tennessee

Jones, Charles, b. after 1824, Mississippi

Jones, Christopher M., b. circa 1835, Indiana

Jones, Daniel S., b. about 1860, Guilford County, North Carolina

Jones, Daniel, b. about 1820, Chester County, Pennsylvania

Jones, David S., b. 3 Feb 1847, Arkansas

Jones, Edwin, b. 1828, Miller County, Arkansas

Jones, Edwin, b. circa 1850, North Carolina

Jones, Francis, b. 1839, Fairfield County, Connecticut

Jones, Frank, b. after 1814, Cape Girardeau County, Missouri

Jones, Frederick, b. 1810, Bucks County, Pennsylvania

Jones, Hiram, b. 1816, Virginia

Jones, Hugh J., b. about 1840, Saratoga County, New York

Jones, Isaac M., b. circa 1840, Virginia

Jones, Isaac, b. 1819, Pennsylvania

Jones, James R., b. 1857, Ouachita Parish, Louisiana

Jones, Joshua A., b. 1850, Alabama

Jones, Leonard McCoy, b. 1835, New Jersey

Jones, Leonard, b. after 1823, Franklin County, Illinois

Jones, Lewis, b. after 1826, New York

Jones, Mark E., b. about 1840, Wayne County, Kentucky

Jones, Michael Benjamin, b. 2 Apr 1834, Florida

Jones, Michael, b. 24 Jan 1846, Pennsylvania

Jones, Nicholas D., b. about 1855, Juniata County, Pennsylvania

Jones, Nicholas, b. 1818, Genesee County, New York

Jones, Peter Thompson, b. 1854, Iowa

Jones, Ralph, b. 1841, Virginia

Jones, Ralph, b. about 1845, Ohio

Jones, Ralph, b. circa 1830, North Carolina

Jones, Reuben, b. 1819, Virginia

Jones, Richard Smith, b. about 1840, Louisiana

Jones, Robert T., b. 1838, Indiana

Jones, Robert, b. 12 Oct 1846, Missouri

Jones, Robert, b. 1827, Washington County, Virginia

Jones, Robert, b. 1849, Missouri

Jones, Samuel Boyd, b. 1830, Georgia

Jones, Samuel P., b. 1858, Texas

Jones, Samuel Vaughan, b. about 1860, New Mexico

Jones, Samuel, b. about 1860, Fulton County, Pennsylvania

Jones, Samuel, b. before 1839, Walworth County, Wisconsin

Jones, Stephen, b. 28 Jan 1823, Lancaster County, Virginia